DSPS Student Accommodation Application

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Student Rights and Responsibilities Acknowledgement

San Francisco Community College District provides educational services and access for students who intend to take classes at City College of San Francisco. DSPS gives students with disabilities the opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of college programs and activities through appropriate and reasonable accommodations.

By completing this application:

  • I am applying for the Disabled Student Programs and Services ( DSPS) 
  • I acknowledge that my participation with DSPS is entirely voluntary.
  • I agree to engage in interactive process with staff and faculty of CCSF in determining my accommodations.
  • I agree to follow CCSF Rules of Student Conduct while engaging in programs, services and events of CCSF.
  • I will use DSPS services in a responsible manner.
  • I understand that DSPS has specific policies and procedures and I understand I must follow these policies and procedures to continue receiving services.

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Specific Accommodation Information

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